Is $25 per Month worth the Price of a Christian Bilingual Education?

Promise of God Inc. is a 501c U.S. Charity. Its staff is entirely voluntary with no payment of salaries or compensation whatsoever. This enables us to maximally affect the poorest nations on earth such as Nicaragua with extremely low operating costs.

Our current calling is to save 50 Mt. Zion Christian Bilingual School students from losing their K-6 School in Somoto, Nicaragua. The government there has suddenly decided to close all schools (especially private Christian schools) who do not maintain at least 100 students. Nicaraguan Public schools offer neither Bible study nor English as a second language. Somoto is the poorest city in the second poorest nation in our hemisphere.

With your help we are providing scholarships to fifty additional students in order to meet new government requirements and keep Mount Zion School open. Due to currency exchange rates and our low operating costs, we are able to do this for only $25 USD per month per student (tax-deductible).

Simply enter your method of payment through our secure PushPay server along with the amount you will contribute each month ($25 per child). You will electronically receive your first photographs, reports, and hand-written note from your sponsored students within ninety days. Next year we will be offering sponsoring families opportunities to visit their students in Somoto.”

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